Work location: Either Thuong Xuan, Lang Chanh, Ba Thuoc Districts or Thanh Hoa city, Thanh Hoa province with frequent travels to assigned Area Development Programs.

 WVV’s Area Development Programs (ADP) focuses within one administrative district of a province which usually populated by ethnic minority people with very high rates of poverty. ADPs are mainly funded by sponsorship funds, and are a phased approach to development, involving clear and consistent assessment, design, implementation, reporting, monitoring and evaluation and reflection phases. Each ADP is tailored to the needs of a specific community in alignment with WVV’s strategic priorities. WVV works closely with district and commune local authorities and local partners to implement program activities. A uniqueness of WVV’s ADP approach and structure is that team members are based at district level where the ADP is located, which enables them to work closely with government partners and communities on a daily basis.

Currently, most of ADP structures in Thanh Hoa region is based on sectoral approach with one staff in charge of one sectoral project. In FY14, 3 ADPs in Thanh Hoa region including Quan Son, Thuong Xuan and Ba Thuoc starts applying new ADP structure following DPA (development program approach) . Under each ADP, there will be 6-8 staff, including 1 ADP manager, 1 Sponsorship Facilitator, 1 Finance Officer/Bookkeeper, 1 ADP Coordinator and 2-4 Development Facilitators (DFs) who are in charge of all projects and programme activities for around 2 assigned communes/wards in their ADP (from assessment to planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and transition). For each cluster (3-5 ADPs), there are 4 technical cluster staff: Health/Watsan/HIV/AIDS; Education/Child Participation; Agriculture/Economic Development; DME/Capacity Building. DFs will be coached by the ADP Manager programmatically and the technical cluster staff technically. One of the strengths of this structure is to allow better integration of the program toward Child Well being Outcomes.


Purpose of the position:


–        To support WVV to implement its overall strategic direction to maximize the quality and impact of WVV programs in Health, in the assigned ADPs;

–        To lead the process of identifying, developing, testing, implementing, documenting and mainstreaming evidence based best practices in Health, Watsan, HIV/AIDS in the assigned ADPs;

–        To provide technical support, advice, and capacity building opportunities to WVV staff and partners to enhance the quality of Health, Watsan, HIV/AIDS activities;


–  Bachelor degree in relevant disciplines like Public Health, Environment, Community Development…
–  Conceptual understanding of and commitment to development work, especially Christian, child-focused, community-based development concepts, approaches and processes. 

–  Ability to communicate and relate effectively with a diverse range of people (i.e. project beneficiaries, Government officials, project partners, WVV staff).

–  Demonstrated ability to coach, mentor and motivate staff and partners.

–  Good reading and report writing skills in English.

–  Good computer skills (word processing, excel, power point & email).

–  Ability to work with a minimum of supervision, exercise judgment, meet deadlines and work under pressure.

–  Willing to learn to advance career in Health, Watsan, HIV/AIDS fields;

–  Have research ability and interest;

–  Be willing to travel to the ADPs in the cluster.

–  Experience in working in the area of community development and/or with non-governmental organization. 

–  Experience of and demonstrated ability to effectively network with a diverse range of multi-lateral, and government bodies;

–  Experience in monitoring and evaluating projects and ensuring that recommendations are implemented.

World Vision Vietnam is a Christian non-government organization. Applicants having working experience in a similar kind of organization will be an advantage.

Application documents include:

+ Detailed Curiculum Vitae

+ WV Vietnam’s standard Application Form

For WV Vietnam’s standard application form and detailed job description, interested candidates are invited to contact:

People and Culture Department

World Vision International – Vietnam

Address: 4th floor, the HEAC building, 14-16 Ham Long street, Hanoi

Tel: 04. 39439920 (ext.118), Email:

Deadline for application: 9 February 2014

We give equal opportunity to every candidate, regardless of religion, race and gender.

A competitive salary, benefits and career development opportunity will be offered and commensurate with the experience, qualifications and responsibilities.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization which works to improve the quality of life of people, especially children, who are marginalized and living in poverty regardless of religion, race and gender.


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