Interactive drama: “In response to the International Sexual Health Day”

Interactive drama:  “In response to the International Sexual Health Day”

In response to this year International Sexual Health Day, with the topic “Adolescents together share the rights and responsibilities to have safe and satisfied sexual lives”, Research Centre for Gender, Family and Environment in Development (CGFED), along with Academy of Journalism and Communication’s school union, held an exchange on the evening of August 25th.

In this event, there were teachers from School Leadership, reproductive and sexual health leading experts and hundreds of students from Academy of Journalism and Communication (AJC).

Mrs. Pham Kim Ngoc – CEO of CGFED – emphasized that: “The purpose of International Sexual Health Day 2011 is to raise the voice of adolescents and facilitate that voice to be heard. This is the chance for adolescents in Vietnam, and countries in the sector and over the world talking about their opinions on issues such as: What are the meanings of sexual health to you? Have the rights and sexual health been recognized and respected? What are adolescents’s responsibilities? What should adolescents do to own their rights?

Interleaving the program, there were vibrant, impressive music and comedy repertoires which created an exciting atmosphere for the meeting, helped students to get together and share their opinions and comments about matters that connected to sexual health.

Not only having information and knowledge, it’s important to learn about that information and knowledge fully accurate, thorough and comprehensive.  Young people nowsaday need to have an open, non-discriminated and responsible attitude to acknowlegde sexual health.

Adolescents’s sexual rights – From “Guidebook on Children’s Rights in South East Asia region”:

  1. The right to be treated in equality and non-discrimination is that everyone, regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation… all has the same rights related to sexuality.
  2. The right to express themselves, free to make their own decisions, free and safe to choose marriage and family planning.
  3. The right to have acute information on sexuality, contraception methods, sexual transmision infections (STIs).
  4. The right to refuse any kinds of unwanted body contacts.
  5. The right to stop having sex with partners at any time.
  6. The right to make decisions related to their own sexual matters and not to be forced to have sex with anyone.
  7. The right to protect themselves and be protected from unexpected pregnancy, sexual transmitted diseases and HIV.
  8. The right to get acess with healthcare services under security, quality and being respected.
  9. The right to be protected from exploitation, sexual abuse, sexual assault and sexual harassment.

10. The right to participate in the programs, plans for adolescents, to attend meetings, seminars and to influence the government by               appropriate measures.

11. The right to not talking about their sexual behaviours unless that’s what they want.



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Interactive drama: “In response to the International Sexual Health Day”