The 20th year of the establishment of CGFED

The 20th year of the establishment of CGFED


20 years – an important step for CGFED

20 years –that CGFED pursues our dream of Gender Equality

20 years –associating Gender Equality with research, communications, and community development

20 years –rural communities, coastal and mountainous are as are our destinations

20 years –in over 20 provinces/cities across Vietnam

20 years –working with groups of women, men, children, youth and elderly

20 years –participating in, establishing, and developing networks of civil society organizations in Vietnam

20 years –allying with regional and international organizations who share common ideas and goals


20 years –that we promote Gender Equality in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

20 years –that we call for Gender Justice in Evironment and Sustainable Aqriculture

20 years –we changed our approach from Women Devolepment towards Human Rights of Women

20 years –we shifted From basis, academic research to learning and action research

20 years –we changed, transferred and inspired reflection across qenerations

20 years –we nurture values of: love, equity, cooperation, transparency, and creativity

20 years –we believe in the warmth and honesty of devoted community workers

20 years –we sincerely thank our dearest teachers, friends, and accompaniers for their lasting support and close collaboration!


CGFED, starting its 20 th year withopen heart, filled with admiration and qratitude for YOU ALL!


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The 20th year of the establishment of CGFED