Visibility and Power (Essays on Women in Society and Development)

Visibility and Power (Essays on Women in Society and Development)

This book is a collection of nineteen articles devoted to gender studies. They reflect some of the major concerns in the area as they have emerged over the last two decades. The essays present different points of view, cover a variety of themes, and range across regions and cultures. At the same time “Visibility” and “power” are the two concerns which run through the entire volume. The book is divided into 3 parts.

The seven articles in the first part, “Visibility and Invisibility of Women”, deal with the complex and subtle ways in which the activities and responses of women are ignored or perceived in a distorted manner by “outsiders – for examples fieldworkers-and within the culture and value system of various communities. The second part, “Women, Power and Authority”, focuses on the diverse modes of exercise of power by women and explores the bases, arena, and manifestations of such power and of powerlessness. Six articles make up this part.

The third part, “Women and Development”, has six articles and addresses itself to different developmental processes and their implications for the situation of women. It raises the issue of alternative visions of development.

The Introduction provides an overview of the anthropology of women and takes up the issues raised by the contributors.

From reviews:

“The book is a veritable mine of facts, and deserves to be read by planners and academicians alike”. (The Tribune)

“This is indeed a valuable anthology for anyone interested in the position and problems of women”.(The Sunday Herald)

“The book has put together a lot of interesting viewpoints. It is bound to lead to an interesting dialogue between feminist social anthropologists and feminist scholars from other fields of study”.(Economic and Political Weekly)

“The essays cover a wide spectrum of themes. First hand field data focusing on small communities, issues pertaining to large agglomerates of population as well as general propositions are presented in a scholarly and readable manner. The essays inform and provoke”.(The Hindustan Times)


Edited by: Leela Dube, Eleanor Leacock, Shirley Ardener

First Published: 1986

Second impression: 1989

Form: Paper-board


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Visibility and Power (Essays on Women in Society and Development)